Forti Boost: unique ready-to-use liquid prestarter

New born piglets used to drinking only sow’s milk really have to be encouraged to accept other types of feed. Preferably with an appetising liquid feed that stimulates the feed intake and has the same taste and smell as the dry starter feed they will be fed when they are older.

Why Forti Boost?

Forti Boost fully meets all these conditions. This unique, ready-to-eat, liquid prestarter is suitable for piglets aged from five days up to a maximum of five days post-weaning. As Forti Boost is made using products from the bakery industry, it is not only well gelatinised and rich in energy, it tastes great too. And smells tempting.

Five advantages of Forti Boost

  1. Good feed intake; piglets just love the flavour;
  2. Easy to use; simply mix and feed;
  3. Stimulates gut health;
  4. Reduces the stress associated with the transition to different feed; seamless transition to Forti Go;
  5. Increases litter uniformity.

New! Lower mortality with Forti Boost Plus

As well as Forti Boost, our range now includes Forti Boost Plus. An easily absorbable iron chelate has been added to Forti Boost Plus. Practical research reveals that piglets show a positive response to this ingredient:

Three extra plusses with Forti Boost Plus

  • Boosts immunity;
  • Vital, robust piglets;
  • Significantly lower mortality rates.

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Forti Boost:

Ready in 30 seconds

Mix and feed!

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Specifications and tips


  • Consult our Specialiststo discover the best way to use Forti Boost on your farm;
  • Preferably provide Forti Boost in piglet bowls;
  • Switch gradually from Forti Boost to dry or liquid feed.

The Multiway and the agitator

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 120 x 122;
  • The agitator is placed in the Multiway from above and has a cover;
  • Easy to tap into a bucket/pourer using the tap at the base;
  • The Multiway empties completely;
  • Nijsen/Granico retain ownership of the Multiway;
  • Deposit for using the Multiway is €


Nijsen/Granico can install the Multiway in the place you indicate.


  • Take access for the truck-mounted forklift into account (255 cm wide x 255 cm high);
  • The Multiway must be placed on a hard, flat surface.

Nijsen/Granico exchanges/collects empty Multiway units and cleans them.

Storage and handling

  • Place the Multiway on raised base of at least 40 cm to enable the contents to be tapped easily.
  • Hygienic operation: clean the agitator thoroughly after the Multiway has been emptied;
  • Store the Multiway indoors, keep out of direct sunlight and protect from frost.

Hardware Forti Boost


We supply Forti Boost in a Multiway without agitator. Contents 900 litres.
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The agitator is an integral part of the Mulitway. It can be rented or purchased from us.
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Dispense Forti Boost using the tap.
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Dispense Forti Boost even quicker and more easily using this mobile tapper with dispensing probe.
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