Safe collection, storage and processing of your waste streams

As a foodstuff producer you place high demands on the quality of your end products. Any irregularities in the appearance, errors during packaging, downtime during production or over production can result in rejected and unsaleable goods or semi-finished products. Storage and arranging transport of these products costs you valuable time, money and space. We offer the solution.

We arrange the disposal and processing of your waste streams 24/7 – leaving you free to focus on your end product.


After almost 30 years, the range of foodstuff we can process has expanded immensely. As has the scope of our service. We currently offer a full-service concept for your waste streams. This means we:

  • Collect;
  • Store;
  • Process into animal feed or
  • Ferment.

Supplying waste streams

You can supply your products in the following ways:

  • In pallet boxes
  • Loose bulk
  • On pallets
  • In big bags
  • Bagged
  • Wrapped in plastic
  • In cardboard boxes

Having your waste streams processed by Nijpro is not just a solution for disposing of waste streams – it is also a way of contributing to the circular economy and sustainable food production.

A selection of the foodstuffs we can process

Bread, dough-based products

Bread, wraps and pasta but also moist products such as dough are all welcome.
Supplying products

Pastries and cakes

Product streams from the bakery industry such as biscuits, cakes and pastries and flan and pie bases.
Supplying products
nevenproducten chocola en bonbons voor Food For Feed grondstof

Chocolate, sauces etc.

Various products such as chocolate and sauces etc. Inform about the possibilities.
Supplying products


We process a range of confectionery including wine gums, liquorice and hard candies like acid drops.
Supplying products

Focus on your end product,

and leave the rest to us...