Towards greater sustainability in food and feed production

Nijsen/ Granico is a family-owned company, based in Veulen, near Venray in the south of the Netherlands. With a dedicated team of more than 100 colleagues, we work towards creating greater sustainability in food production. We are the only compound feed producer in the Netherlands to produce unique Food-For-Feed® raw materials using foodstuffs that are otherwise considered as waste. Our animal feeds really make the difference in profitability for farmers and enhanced sustainability.

30 years of experience

At Nijsen/ Granico, we now have almost 30 years of experience in this segment and can produce (pig) feed that comprises up to 100% foodstuff waste streams, processed into circular Food-For-Feed® raw materials.

> 100,000 tons/year repurposed resources

Every year more than 100,000 tons of foodstuffs are repurposed and processed into high-grade, appetising feed for pigs or Kipster chickens.

Together with our customers, this forms our contribution to circular agriculture and greater sustainability in the pig and poultry production sectors. For sustainably produced, delicious eggs and meat.

Seven advantages

Pig producers can boost their profits thanks to the specific properties of the Food-For-Feed® raw materials such as a good feed conversion rate and balanced composition.

Pig producers can:

  1. Feed more efficiently;
  2. Reduce phosphate emissions;
  3. Lower their costs for manure disposal;
  4. Achieve a higher growth rate per pigs;
  5. Supply more pigs;
  6. Produce tastier and better quality meat;
  7. Supply feed that is more sustainable and therefore reduce the CO2 footprint of their farms.

How it started...

Our history goes back more than 160 years… To be precise; to 1854. In 1854 Peter Nijsen took on the tenancy of the combined wind and water mill in the village of Leeuwen in the municipality of Maasniel. This mill was powered by water and wind..

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sustainable, appetising feed;
higher profits for you, and sustainably produced, delicious eggs and meat for consumers.

Sustainable feed