We process waste streams from the foodstuff industry into sustainable (pig) feed.

This is our contribution to the circular economy: an easy and convenient solution for foodstuff producers that boosts the sustainability of feed for pigs and Kipster. Together we work towards improved profitability for pig and poultry producers and responsibly produced, delicious Kipster-eggs or meat.

Nijsen Granico haalt levensmiddelen op en verwerkt deze tot hoogwaardig varkensvoer en kipster voer
food service nevenproducten
nijsen granico food for feed duurzamer voeren vakensvoer en kipster voer
duurzamer voeren met voer gemaakt met circulaire food-for-feed grondstoffen
varkenshouders zijn de basis de baas met voer en doordachte werkwijze van Nijsen/Granico
meer rendement met vakensvoer van nijsen granico
duurzaam en lekker stukje vlees met voer van nijsen granico grip op vleeskwaliteit
circulair voeren met Nijsen Granico

Foodstuff industry

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Welcome to Nijsen/Granico

We enjoy an exclusive position as the only compound feed producer in the Netherlands to process foodstuffs such as bread, biscuits, confectionery and flans into unique, circular Food-For-Feed® raw materials – our feeds really do make the difference. In profitability for farmers and enhanced sustainability.  We now have almost 30 years of experience in this segment and can produce (pig) feed that comprises up to 100% foodstuff waste streams, processed into circular Food-For-Feed® raw materials.