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Food-for-Feed concept

Nijsen/Granico has been in possession of a GMP certificate for both its Food and Feed divisions since 1 February 2001. Nijsen/Granico Food also guarantees that your food surpluses are safely processed into animal feeds.

In terms of nutritional value, food safety and environmental aspects, the processing of food surpluses is completely safe. The processes are continuously monitored by the quality assurance system in place. This system is based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) code formulated by the Dutch regulatory organisation, the Product Board Animal Feed. The code is derived from the NEN-EN-ISO 9002 norm.


The system can be made to fit within the HACCP standard you use. So your GMP-certified surpluses are safely disposed of and processed, and certainly add value to animal feeds.

Hygiene plays a very prominent role in the transport, storage and processing of surpluses. Checks for any microbiological contamination are carried out regularly. This is why, for example, our pallet boxes are thoroughly washed after each use.

It is also from a hygiene point of view that we ensure that products are processed as quickly as possible, on a First-In-First-Out basis. Products which are highly perishable are given priority.


Through its Food-for-Feed concept, Nijsen/Granico replaces some of the usual ingredients in animal feeds with very tasty, easily digestible food ingredients. This leads to a high intake of feed, resulting in healthy animals that are full of vitality. High feed intakes plus healthy animals equals high production rates.