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Over recent years Nijpro has proven itself to be an excellent service provider in the field of collection of surplus products. The company’s extensive network makes it capable of serving the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium and the border regions of Germany on a daily basis. Nijpro is the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to pallet boxes.

Pallet boxes

Food vrachtwagen

We supply polyester pallet boxes with a capacity of 500 litres and measuring 120 x 100 x 75 cm for the collection of surplus products. Other forms of collection are also possible, such as 1000-litre liquid containers. The frequency with which surplus products are collected is dependent on the perishability of the surplus product, its type and the situation in your company. Packaging is supplied at no cost. Lids for the containers are available.


In addition to pallet boxes, we are also able to supply containers and/or trailers for the collection and storage of surplus products. The best system for the type of product and its shelf life, the quantity and any specific requests from the supplier is put in place.


Transportation for the collection of your surplus products is under Nijpro’s own management. We cover the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium and the border regions of Germany. Our logistics staff ensure that products are collected on time and in the most efficient way. Some of our trucks are also equipped with a truck-mounted forklift.

24-hour service

In the event of emergencies, such as failures, our national network allows us to be of service to our suppliers within 24 hours. No extra costs are involved, irrespective of whether the load in question is a part load or a full load.

Exchange of information

All products we load onto our trucks are weighed on site. A pallet truck scale is used for this purpose. All of our trucks are equipped with a pallet truck scale. At the end of the month, period or quarter, suppliers receive an overview detailing total weights. These overviews give suppliers an insight into the surplus and waste streams within their company. This then allows them to take any necessary measures to reduce surplus streams, bringing financial advantages.