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Products for fermentation

If your company is not GMP-certified, or if your surpluses contain any meat, then these can not be used for processing into animal feeds. However, such products can be used in the bio-fermentation industry for the generation of green energy. The range of products destined for fermentation is expanding greatly. Dry, stackable and liquid raw materials can be used. However, the manufacture of biogas is a specific process for which the preconditions must be well observed. Unfortunately, the biological processes are often disrupted in practice by incorrect raw materials being used. Methane-forming bacteria multiply extremely slowly and this makes it very important that the environment in which they live is perfectly suited to them.

Practically all organic waste streams can be fermented, provided the biological requirements are fulfilled.
This means that the product:

    1. Must be free from any packaging remains and other contaminants (including wood and sand).
    2. Must be delivered in a fresh state
    3. Must be transported with sufficient speed.

Raw materials are made up of fermentable and non-fermentable parts:

The more moisture and/or ash a product contains, the lower the gas production per ton and the higher the sales costs (after fermentation).
The amount of woody substances, such as lignin, contained in the organic part of the product is of significance. Lignins and related substances are non-fermentable, or very difficult to ferment, and therefore do not contribute to the production of gas. What remains are nutrients which ferment very well - fat, starch and sugar in particular.

The way in which raw materials are stored has a great influence on gas production. Fermentation, the formation of moulds and heating in storage tanks should be prevented; these processes use up a lot of energy which can then not be converted into biogas. Substances (toxins) which inhibit or kill methane-forming bacteria can also be generated.

We possess the knowledge and experience necessary for utilising these products. We would also like to be of service in purchasing your raw materials.

If you have a waste stream that you would like to offer to us for fermentation, or if you are looking for raw materials for your fermentation installation, then please contact us.