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Food Industry

Nijpro is a division of Nijsen/Granico and specialises in collecting and processing surpluses and returns from the food industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and the border region of Germany. GMP-certified products can be processed in four different lines, depending on the properties of the surplus product. This results in the following streams:

• Biscuits
• Dough mixture
• Bread mixture
• Confectionery syrup
Increasing numbers of products are being processed in our food factory to produce semi-finished products which then form the basis for our animal feeds. Possibilities are increasing all the time. Below are examples of the surplus products we currently process:

• Biscuits
• Confectionery
• Dough
• Bread
• Flans
• Waffles
• Sauces
• Sugared water

If you should have any questions regarding the suitability of your product for processing, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to loose bulk products, we also accept packed products on pallets, in Big Bags or in other bags.

The rate is calculated according to packaging type (plastic, Tetra Pak, tin, glass, cardboard etc.), quantity and product type.

We supply you with a guarantee, in the form of a Certificate of Destruction, that the products supplied to us will be unpacked and processed into animal feed. You are very welcome to be present during the unpacking and processing of your products.

In addition to solid products, such as dough-based goods and biscuits, we are also interested in liquid products, such as syrups and whipping cream. We collect products such as these using 1000-litre liquid containers which, like the pallet boxes, are made available to you at no charge. Larger quantities can be collected by tanker.